Hex Hollow Documentary Film

This week saw the release of Hex Hollow, a documentary film exploring the mysterious fate of the people of a small Pennsylvania town. For decades, the citizens of Hex Hollow have lived in fear after the disappearance of many of its inhabitants in the late 1940’s. This film dives deep into the story and investigates what happened to those missing people and why their families still feel uneasy all these years later.

The film is made up of interviews with locals who share their stories and memories, including theories about what could have happened to their loved ones. From accounts detailing sightings of strange creatures living in the woods surrounding Hex Hollow to stories sparked by unexplained screams in the night, each witness adds pieces to an ever-deepening puzzle.

The feature takes viewers on a journey from ancient folk tales to modern mysteries, exploring conspiracy theories and supernatural secrets along the way. The town has long been linked with a dark past, and during World War II American soldiers serving abroad brought back tales of witchcraft still practiced in Hex Hollow.

Set amid majestic landscapes, Hex Hollow is full of folklore, faith, terror, pain, and surprise twists and turns. All this is beautifully conveyed through some stunning cinematography of both nature and its people. It’s definitely one worth watching if you’re looking for something strange, moody, and utterly entrancing!

Film fans around the world finally have something to get excited about – a new documentary about Hex Hollow is set to hit screens this summer. The film promises to uncover the secrets of the small Pennsylvania town and its spooky supernatural activity.

Hex Hollow was once an industrial area, but began to decline in the mid-20th century, as many of its factories began to experience financial troubles. By the late 1990’s, the town had become a virtual ghost town. Strangely enough, it appeared to have become a paranormal hotspot with tales of monsters lurking in the woods, UFO sightings, and so much more.

The documentary is directed by Richard Williams, whose impressive credentials include his award-winning 2015 horror flick, “Severed Spirits”. Director of Photography Jon Frank joins him in exploring Hex Hollow’s strange history. The team has interviewed dozens of locals to get their accounts of the events they’ve encountered while living and growing up here in Hex Hollow.

Through this film, viewers will gain a better understanding of the strange goings-on around Hex Hollow and open their eyes to a world that exists just beyond what we can see with our own eyes. As Williams puts it: “This film is about exploration and our desire for answers beyond the normal range of what we accept as reality…I hope that this documentary inspires viewers to look further into the mysteries that haunt us all.”

The team behind this project has worked tirelessly over the last few years gathering all of their research and footage so they can bring us this exciting film. “Hex Hollow” is sure to be nothing short of captivating and thrilling – we can’t wait to see it!