I have been getting a lot of questions and below are the most common. If your question is not here feel free to contact us. Thanks!


Will the film be coming to Netflix or Blu-Ray?


No. Netflix is generally not a great route for independent films, as their licensing fee is not very enticing. There will be no Blu-Rays created, as that is very expensive and the demand is not there. Instead you can watch the film in full high definition on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, or VHX. Go to the website homepage to be connected to those outlets.


Will there be any other screenings in the area?


Screenings for Hex Hollow are complete.


What books can I read about the murder?

"Hex" was the first book writted about the crime, although it has many inaccuracies. "Trials of Hex" was written by J. Ross McGinnis, an attorney in York, who is heavily interviewed in the film. Both of these books can be found at amazon.com.


Has a movie been made on this story before?


There was a movie made in 1988 called "Apprentice to Murder", however it was only loosely based on this story. This is a hard film to find but you can usually find a used copy on amazon.com. "Hex Hollow" is the first time a documentary has been made on this story.


Is this movie about the hauntings at Rehmeyer's Hollow?


No, this is a historical documentary that tells the story of the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer.